Enhance Business Intelligence

Data has been around for a long time, but the field of analytics is creating opportunities never seen before.

Whether it be descriptive, diagnostic, predictive or prescriptive analytics, this category presently has one of the highest demands for professionals across the globe, offering salaries that go through the roof.

For those who can see data, and treat it as a friend, an alliance even perhaps, a degree in data analytics can be extremely empowering, enabling those armed with it to take on the world, providing unique yet powerful solutions for business problems.

Data-based decisions far outweigh the benefits of conventional decision making models. Armed with computing power that compute terabytes of data generated every day in a matter of seconds, analytics in business has emerged from its former ranks as just a support function to that of a critical business tool that is integral to everyday operations. Riding on insights provided by business analytics, organisations are changing the way in which they think of and treat data in order to maintain their competitive edge and grow revenues.

Business Analytics is the latest, and most unique programme offered by Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa, in response to the high demand for skilled, qualified analytics professionals, and the Institute is poised to be the best for pursuing a full time program in the field.

The critical skill set required for such professionals comprises of Statistics, Information Technology, Domain Knowledge and Communication, and the curriculum for a Post Graduate programme with a specialisation in Business Analytics has been designed along the lines of programmes offered by the best business schools in the world such as Stern Business School, New York University and Indian Institutes of Management, Ahmedabad and Bangalore, and Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

The two-year full time programme provides training and development to cultivate the required expertise for a candidate to secure the best opportunities in the industry. The practised pedagogy makes extensive use of case studies, data-based decision making, project-based learning and Harvard simulations.

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