Conquer Markets

Do you know why some companies are able to conquer markets, or why certain brands live on forever in the hearts of their consumers? Well, for the longest time, marketing has one of those fields that, when integrated properly with other departments, paves the way for businesses and individuals to succeed.

This field requires professionals that can think beyond problems and are focussed on solutions, and are able to apply their knowledge strategically to achieving organisational goals and creating value for business.

A Post Graduate programme in Marketing plays a critical role in today’s dynamic, corporate environment. The subjects of specialisation offered as part of the Marketing Programme offer a strong theoretical and pragmatic foundation in various dimensions of of the field and industry. Additionally, strong emphasis is paid to with practical training and industry outreach so as to be able to apply the knowledge acquired in real life situations. A few of the subjects covered in the specialisation include Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management, Customer Relationship Management, Retail Management, Market Research, Digital Marketing among others.

A Marketing specialisation enables students to understand and cultivate learning in varied fields of industry and business, thus preparing them for successful openings in their intended fields that includes Advertising, Market Research, Sales, Public Relations, etc. The programme is structured in a manner that provides integral skill training areas of leadership, teamwork, presentation skills and problem solving abilities.

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