Covet Financial Power

Each moment the economy changes, impacting the lives of all those who run on the capitalist treadmill, slogging hour after hour to put a little hard earned money in the pockets of institutions who control their lives, finances and even their dreams.

The only difference between these people, and those who are endowed with knowledge of monetary instruments and hold close a degree in the field of finance is pure power; power that leads to achievement of the highest levels.

Abundant opportunities await the sorcerers of numbers, those who possess the secrets to financial success... those who covet power.

The specialisation in the subject area of Finance provides teaching, training and research in Accounting and Control, as well as Corporate Finance. The courses offered include introductory courses in Financial and Management Accounting and Corporate Finance in the first year of the programme. In the second year, students can opt for courses in Financial Derivatives, Risk Management, Business Valuation, And Quantitative Finance.

The focus of the Finance specialisation includes in depth understanding of the role of information and measurement systems for allocating monetary resources among firms in the economy, and between departments or divisions of individual firms. Students are also trained to measure performance of business segments, executive compensation, understand profitability of suppliers, products, customers, distribution channels, and business units, and successfully formulate, execute and evaluate financial strategy.

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