People First

Never before has the field of Human Resources offered so much in terms of excitement and monetary compensations. With ever changing, dynamic work environments emerging from reviving economies, the need of the hour is for people who understandthe needs of others, and are able to put that into practice to add value to the organisation.

It’s not just about hiring and managing people - a specialisation in Human Resources management prepares students for all aspects and areas that are crucial to the most critical aspect of any company - the people itself.

For those who possess in-depth knowledge in this field, and place people first, Human Resources management offers high-paying opportunities.

This specialization provides a robust introduction to the key principles, policies, and practices of Human Resource Management, alongside specialised, industry-relevant approaches to legal contexts in which employees are hired, fired, rewarded, and managed.

The various courses undertaken as a part of the specialisation tackle core areas that all Human Resource practitioners should have a critical understanding of - hiring employees, evaluating performance and rewards. Throughout the programme, scientific and behavioural approaches are embraced and utilised with the goal of cultivating best practices in industry and business.

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Industry Placements