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Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, the founder of the religious congregation Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (C.M.I) is our role model and his vision is made manifest in our institution.

He has left his indelible marks in the spheres of education, social reform, media, culture and religious formation. India’s first indigenous religious congregation for  men, C.M.I was his brainchild. In 1831, along with the support of Fr. Thomas Palackal and Fr. Thomas Porukara, the C.M.I was established which sparked off a spiritual renovation in the Church.

PGDM - Finance


The Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (Finance) programme aims to create a cadre of professionals having specialization in the area of Finance. The paradigm shift in the structure and operations of business world have significantly increased the responsibility of a financial manager in organisations. Along with the traditional accounting and monitoring role, a finance manager nowadays has to also engineer innovative financial products and services. She/he needs to also find solutions to complex financial problems relating to different financial functions like investment, financing and liquidity as well as dividend decisions.

The PGDM (Finance) program focuses on equipping the students to develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills with an ethical mindset. It allows them to develop ability to think critically and operate successfully in a dynamic business environment. The programme enables the participants to understand business challenges holistically and recognize the interplay of finance with other disciplines. The program also provides teaching and research in the areas of Accounting and Control as well as Corporate Finance.

The courses offered in the first year under the finance stream include basic courses in financial and management accounting and corporate finance which primarily build a strong foundation of conceptual and analytical skills required for advanced and specialized courses pursued in the second year. The optional courses in the second year focus on financial derivatives, risk management, business valuation and quantitative finance. The curriculum and teaching pedagogy aims at inculcating analytical skills for problem solving and making decisions in this volatile and uncertain business milieu.

The program, besides providing the knowledge of operational aspects of banking and finance, also builds and hones the candidate’s managerial and technical skills. Candidates seeking a job in the finance-related sectors will benefit as they can gain the knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of a Financial Manager, a very important and significant position in industries in both private and government sectors.

Faculty research in the area of Finance includes the study of the theory and practice of corporate finance, and study of markets and institutions for financial assets. Its greater emphasis is on business fields and its focus is on the use of economic analysis and statistical methods in dealing effectively with management problems in these applied business fields. Faculty research in the area of Financial Accounting looks beyond the boundaries of traditional accounting and focuses on contemporary issues in financial reporting, disclosure, and contracts using financial information. The research interest of finance faculty also includes  understanding the role of information and measurement systems for allocating resources among firms in the economy, and between departments or divisions of individual firms; measuring performance of business segments; executive compensation; understanding the profitability of suppliers, products, customers, distribution channels, and business units; and formulating, executing and evaluating strategy by firm managers.


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