Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, the founder of the religious congregation Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (C.M.I) is our role model and his vision is made manifest in our institution.

He has left his indelible marks in the spheres of education, social reform, media, culture and religious formation. India’s first indigenous religious congregation for  men, C.M.I was his brainchild. In 1831, along with the support of Fr. Thomas Palackal and Fr. Thomas Porukara, the C.M.I was established which sparked off a spiritual renovation in the Church.



The CIM Mobile app is a College-wide initiative to facilitate connectivity for students, faculty, staff, visitors and neighbours who interact with CIM’s campus and community. Released in April 2014, CIM 2.0 is the latest version of the application with a number of functional, design, and content enhancements.

CIM CIM2.0 now has native applications for Android and iOS operating systems, as well as a mobile webapplication accessible to any web-enabled smartphone.


Apps available with CIM Mobile platform include:


Messages – Receive SMS alerts about class cancellations, club events, weather advisories,
emergency notifications and more directly from the mobile application on your phone.
Calendar – Keep a track of important events related to college, class or extracurricular activities.
News – Get the latest information about activities in and around campus.
Videos – Post and view videos for academics and entertainment right from your mobile device.
Photos – Post and view Photos for class and entertainment right from your mobile device
Attendance – Keep a track of daily attendance
Results – Get all the Exam results in one click
Live TV– Watch live programs in and around the campus

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