The purpose of the CHRIST INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT is to assist students and faculty members to explore their lifelong learning- unlearning cycles. This process will help them evolve into fuller individuals with intellectual sharpness, emotional maturity, spiritual poise, agility, and overall health. Our goal is that all the students and faculty members will become happier individuals in a happier world. We all know that happiness is contagious. Let’s make our earth a happy haven. That is what education at the CHRIST INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT is all about. We work towards a world where just, equitable, and humane structures are in place; where the dignity of every individual is honored; where growth is organic and sustainable, and where colors, castes, and creeds meld into a peaceful rainbow of love. We strive to be a model microcosm where students of all nationalities and faiths blossom in their own cultures and traditions, and then exchange their fragrance with that of other cultures and traditions.

Dr (Fr) Jossy George


Contact us

    Christ Institute of Management (CIM)
    30 Valor Court, At Post: Dasve Lavasa,
    Taluka: Mulshi
    Pune 412112, Maharashtra.
    Ph.No : 1800-123-2009
    Mob No : 1800-123-2009
    Email :


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