Transformed Pedagogy : Case based Teaching / Writing

Transformed Pedagogy : Case based Teaching / Writing


Case study method has gained significant importance as an alternative pedagogical tool to the traditional lecture method of imparting training to business management students. Decision making across all businesses is complex because of multiple objectives and the need to tradeoff the interests of diverse stakeholders. Cases are real life situations where learners are exposed to a thought provoking business decision-making environment.

Case teaching involves active participation of learners, which is more stimulating than the role of passive listening played by them in the formal lecture session.

We are pleased to invite you to a two day workshop on Case Study Teaching at the beautiful Hill city campus of Christ Institute of Management- Lavasa, Pune. We look forward to your participation in this workshop.

15-16 JULY 2017





This interactive Workshop will train the participants in case based teaching and prepare them for writing case studies for classroom teaching and publication. There will be discussion of cases and hands-on exercises to understand this internationally used tool in management education. Since many of the students in B-Schools in India do not have industry experience, they can understand the theory and practice of management better in the context of case studies of various business/commercial organizations.

The focus of the Workshop will be on discussing ways of handling the cases with different groups of students. Faculty members can share better insights with students if the case is self-written and published in a good journal/case bank. With this conviction, the trainers will prepare the participants for writing their  own cases.


  • Experiencing the case method of learning as a participant and exploring its nuances as an instructor
  • Selection of a case for a session in a course
  • Preparing for a case class: The role of class plan and instructor flexibility
  • Dynamics of Development of  Conversations in a case class
  • Complementing case method with other pedagogies
  • Evaluation of Participant's Learning from the case class and providing  feedback
  • Class Contingencies, Innovation and Experiments in case teaching
  • From Case teaching  to Case writing
  • From Case writing  to Publishing in A category journals






INR 7500 /-


Inclusive of Workshop registration,


Accommodation -AC


Rooms with all facilities-(CIM Guest rooms), Food, Wi-Fi


Prof. M.R.Dixit, Ph.D. (IIT Kanpur)


Prof. M.R. Dixit has spent most of his teaching career at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), inspiring and motivating young leaders. Worked in the Corporate Planning division of HMT, a large diversi?ed company in India prior to joining IIMA. Has written cases and published papers in the ?eld of strategic management. His teaching, research and consulting areas are Corporate and Competitive strategies, Taking Charge and Leading Strategy, Innovation and Knowledge Management, and Case Method of Learning. Has been a member of the Board of Governors of Private and Public Sector Undertakings in India. Has been the Editor of Vikalpa, IIMAs Journal for Decision Makers. Was an EEC visiting professor in the Euro-India Cooperation Programme at ESSEC, Paris, and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands.

Prof. Jobin Jacob
Programme Coordinator
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