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The nearest railway station is Pune and the nearest airport is Lohgaon, Pune. One reaches Lavasa by road, branching off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway extension at ‘Chandani Chowk’. From Chandani Chowk to Lavasa via ‘Paud’ road, turn left after Pitangut. On the way, the motorist has to negotiate 3 mini ‘Ghats’ before Pirangut, before Mutha and after Lavarde. The Temghar Dam after Lavarde is a very imposing structure. A 10 km winding ascend after Temghar Dam plays hide and seek with the massive Temghar water reservoir. It has 2 sharp hairpin bends which need to be negotiated carefully.  The Ghat ends when one reaches the ‘Welcome to Lavasa’ arch where one gets the testimony of the elaborate security arrangements at Lavasa. After revealing the identity to the security guard, it would be very refreshing to visit the nearby observation point overlooking Dasve Valley and Warasgoan lake. The sheer enchanting beauty of the valley appears to conjure the feeling “Love Us” at Lavasa. The 10 km descend from the ‘Welcome to Lavasa’ arch to Dasve takes you to the Dasve bund on Varasgaon lake.  This section has several strategic points to appreciate the beauty of Dasve valley.  Cross the bund , turn right and after about 400 m you will see the Dasvino Club then the ‘Lavasa Convention Centre’ then the ‘Lavasa Information Centre all on the right side. Further down you will pass the ‘Public Safety Centre’ and ‘Ecole Hoteliere’(EH) on the left side. Turn left after ‘EH’ and again take the first left turn before ‘Apollo Hospital’. Drive down 300 m to reach CIM at the foot of the hill

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