Placements & Industrial Interface

At the end of the first Academic Year, each student undergoes a two month Summer Internship in an organization starting from the month of April to obtain hands-on corporate experience. Students work on various live projects and receive training and experience in organisational functions in relation to the specialization they plan to choose, hence strengthening their profile and providing opportunities for placements.

Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa provides 100% placement assistance to all registered students.

The main objective of Placements and Industrial interface is to create opportunities for students entering various fields of management and create a bridge between the Institute and the industry. It involves facilitating and counselling prospective industry candidates from the student body for placement and career-related activities. The office for Placements and Industrial Interface acts as a liaison between students and industry.

Various Pre-Placement Training Programs are provided and students are encouraged to actively participate these programs, as they are usually conducted by industry experts, human resources professionals and consulting companies. Modules conducted during the Programs include Current Affairs, General Aptitude, Technical Aptitude, Presentation Skills, Group Discussion Skills, Interview Skills and Mock Interviews among other topics.

Additionally, students are assigned into groups with Faculty Mentors in order to assist students to best practice and prepare for their careers throughout their tenures in Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa. Mentoring sessions further supplement the Pre- Placement Training Programs, and Faculty Mentors, owing to their own area of industry experience and academic expertise are able to counsel and advise students mentees on focus areas and strength-building.

Mentorships are planned as a two-year roadmap that allows students to gain maximum exposure, build strengths, focus on areas of weakness, and suitably prepare for a career in the management field.

Summer Internships

At the end of the first Academic Year, each student compulsorily undergoes a eight-week Summer Internship in a reputed organisation starting from April to obtain hands-on corporate experience. This provides the opportunity for students to supplement their academic knowledge with practical hands-on work experience, which also adds to their résumé, benefitting them at the time of placement interviews with large multi-national corporations.

Live Projects

Students are also required to work on at least two live projects during their second Acadamic Year. This enhances their academic value and internship experience and can be of high value when approaching the job market. Further, students gain added experience in organisational functions in relation to the specialization they plan to choose, strengthening their profile and generating opportunities for placements within the company that they have undertaken projects in.